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Expectations for the cannabidiol (CBD) market continue to look bright as estimates are projecting the market to grow by 700% by 2020, according to Forbes. Stop selling those other brands, Build your Brand Now with Us! Don't Sell the Same Products as Your Competitor. Stand Out! Build Your Brand with our Best Selling Products!!!

Attention phamacies, barber shop owners, yoga studios, hair salons, and every retail outlet! Welcome to the cbd business.  You can purchase our products at wholesale and sell directly to your customers. 

Many of our customers sell our house label which is Clean Green Mart. This is an already established brand with many reviews and often ships the same day. 

We have may clients that have different margins and need to have their own pricing and brand identity.   We white label / private label our products in house and typically are able to ship within three days.  

Step One - Fill out form at the bottom of this page.  This will send us a notice that you are looking for access to our wholesale pricing.  We keep your wholesale pricing private for obvious reasons.  We will open access to our "Wholesale Pricing" page an email for you to set up a password to access the site.  

Step Two - Send us your logo.

Step Three -  Your WWholesale or Private Label CBD Products to your Customers.  

How many calls have you taken this week or even today selling you the "best" CBD products on the market.  

How much have you spent this year trying to build your Brand, fighting over your Market Share? 


Building your own brand gives you a Competitive Edge on the Market!  It gives you Customer Recognition!  

Building your own brand will increase the value of your company.  It gives your team something to be proud of, and makes acquiring and keeping new customers a whole lot easier.  

Our hottest selling CBD products are available in packages of 12 units.  Take a look at our "Wholesale Products" page and see what best fits your needs.  These products will be YOUR Brand.  

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Best Wholesale Pricing = Maximum Returns

Private Label  Our Products.  We do all the Work.  We will even Drop Ship!

Our products yield high revenue return.  

We do not chose our products on revenue returns alone.  We pick our product line based on Effectiveness of Product.  Our Target is the customer and the Bulls Eye is your Repeat Customer.  

Our Wholesale pricing for Cannabidiol / CBD Vape Juices, Tinctures, Oils and Honey Sticks are incomparable in the industry.  It starts with our direct partnerships with our Hemp Farms, and ends up on your shelf, proudly showing your company logo and building your brand. 

Our wholesale cbd yields margins that will work t=for your store.



We will not only help you build your brand, we will help educate your staff thru our CBD-Ed Portal.  Our products will not only be your best selling, it will be your greatest ROI (Return on Investment) on your shelves.  

Call today to hear our testimony, talk about the industry and growing your business!  Were looking forward to hearing from you.  

We will email you a password to access Password to Access Product Pricing Page and Build Your Own Package page

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